KC Royals: Everything you need to know about Spring Breakout


One of the best parts of MLB spring training is seeing players you normally never would alongside the game's best players. The KC Royals, and their peers, cycle though players pretty aggressively every spring training matchup to get every player an opportunity. It doesn't matter if it is superstar shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. or third base prospect Cayden Wallace, spring training is an important step ahead of Opening Day.

MLB found a new and more expansive way to showcase future talent with 2024's Spring Breakout. Unlike the flawed Futures Game, each club will have a team and play an exhibition game against another organization's prospects. Each club's roster "will be constructed using MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 Prospects list for the club as its foundation," according to MLB.com. Kansas City may not have prospective star power on their squad, but they will have a deep team.

Here is what you need to know.

KC Royals Spring Breakout: What to know

. 0-0. 7. Spring Breakout Matchup. . 4:05 p.m. ET/1:05 p.m. PT. 0-0. 76. March 17

Which KC Royals prospects are playing?

MLB Network revealed each roster on March 7, with Kansas City sending an astounding 24 of their top 30 prospects to the matchup. I predicted the Royals' Spring Breakout roster earlier in March, with more hits than misses. But here is the full roster:

Where can KC Royals fans watch or listen?

Royals fans can watch this game on MLB Digital platforms, such as MLB.TV, MLB.com, or the MLB App. You can follow the stats and metrics on the game's Gameday link.

Are there any special rules?

There are plenty of special rules for these matchups, including the game's length and Automated Ball-Strike Challenge system. MLB.com's Sam Dykstra summarized each great, check that out here.

What do the KC Royals think of Spring Breakout?

MLB.com's Anne Rogers spoke with some Royals players and personnel about the Spring Breakout's benefits. Here are a few thoughts from earlier in spring training.

Royals director of player development Mitch Maier: “It’s going to be a great event. You get to see an opportunity to see some of our best Minor League prospects all on one field playing against another organization’s prospects. We piggyback with the Major League Spring Training game there. It makes a lot of sense to get the fanbase the opportunity to see those players that they’ll be seeing in the near future, not only in Major League Spring Training games but at Kauffman Stadium as well.”

Pitcher Chandler Champlain: “I think it’s cool. It might give fans for the Royals and Brewers specifically for that game like a head’s up for this is what we’ve got coming in future years for our organization. Pay attention to these kids. It may even open the eyes to fans like, ‘Wow, there is some real talent in Minor League Baseball that no one really knows about.’ Unless you live in the city where your Minor League team is, no one really knows about it. So I think it’s good for the game.”

Catcher Carter Jensen: “It’ll be pretty cool to get all the younger guys some exposure. Just a pretty cool event overall.”

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