Kansas City Royals Still Need Your Help This Offseason


Kansas City Royals fans showed everyone how passionate they were when it came to voting for the All-Star Game. Now, the Royals need that help once more.

Winning the World Series certainly helps put a team on the map. For the Kansas City Royals, this victory was especially sweet, given how close they came last year. Just like their regular season success, the Royals won their second title through a true team effort. As Jonny Gomes stated, the other teams may have the individual awards, but the Royals brought home the one prize that truly counts.

Naturally, given how the Royals won as a team, they were nominated as such for the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. While they were facing a rather distinguished collection of athletes, what the Royals were able to accomplish as a unit made it appear likely that they would win this title as well. Add in the ability that the fans have in terms of getting out the vote, and it was just a matter of time before the inevitable would occur.

As expected, the Royals have had a strong showing in the early going. Just about two weeks into the voting, and the Royals have received 35% of the votes cast. Normally, this would seem to be enough to win the title quite handily, but that would not be the case this year. Instead, this year, the Kansas City Royals are second to a horse.

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Yes, a horse. And no, this is not the literal Face of the Denver Broncos, John Elway, returning to the gridiron after 17 years away to give the Broncos another aging quarterback who is quite far removed from his prime. Instead, the Royals are trailing American Pharoah, an actual horse, by seen percentage points. Seven!

While that horse did win the Triple Crown this past year, a rare accomplishment. But, let’s be serious – it’s still a horse. And this horse is going against a fan base that not only almost voted Omar Infante into the All-Star Game as a starter, but had a chance to have the All-Star Game end up as the Kansas City Royals featuring Mike Trout. Are the Royals really going to end up losing to a horse?

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The Royals once again need us to get out and vote. Given how successful this season was, the Royals certainly deserve the Sportsman of the Year title. Let us make sure they get one last victory for their exploits during the 2015 season.