Kansas City Royals: Finding the keepers from the starting rotation

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Glenn Sparkman, Kansas City Royals
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Glenn Sparkman has not exactly dazzled us with his performance in 2019. We need to find some better options for 2020.

Yeah, no. Nope. Nuh-uh. Please no.

Glenn Sparkman actually managed to put together a decent run in 2018 as a league-average pitcher. Although he did not strike a lot of guys out last season and he did give up a lot of hits, yet he somehow managed to keep the onslaught from getting out of control on most nights. And that led to him getting the opportunity to start 21 games so far this year.

And, frankly, it’s enough. I hope we can all agree it’s time to try something new. Maybe based on Sparkman’s past success he has a future as a middle reliever. He does have some nice control and will challenge hitters. But his future success is not going to be in a starting rotation. Certainly, not in a starting rotation that is any good. His FIP and ERA are both over 6.00 and his WHIP is 1.50.

He has given up 11 hits and 2 home runs for every 9 innings he has pitched this season. Pinballs take less of a beating than this guy’s pitches. And he strikes out almost no one. Barely 5 strikeouts per 9 innings.

Must Read. Time for Whit Merrifield to settle into one position. light

If Sparkman is in the rotation out of Spring Training, we can be sure that the Kansas City Royals rebuild is still in full swing, regardless of what Dayton tells us. And, frankly, fans should behave accordingly.