Kansas City Royals Free Agency Options

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

What to do once you’re recently crowned World Champion?

Upgrade of course. Let’s see…how were the Kansas City Royals built again? Homegrown talent, shrewd free agent signings, and pinpoint deadline trades. Maintaining competitiveness with key contributors Alex Gordon, Johnny Cueto, Ben Zobrist, Chris Young, Ryan Madson, and Alex Rios all sitting on the free agent market will make 2016’s puzzle all the more intriguing.

$90 Million and 5 years on Alex Gordon with the window still presumably 3 more years?

$60 Million and 4 years on Ben Zobrist with the same window?

How about fixing the rotation which ranked 12th in the AL with a 4.34 ERA and 14th with a .269 batting average against last year?

These questions must be answered by Dayton Moore and the Royals front office this off-season, especially with the Winter Meetings starting up this weekend.

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