Kansas City Royals Free Agency Options

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Lets start with the player who has already shown an interest in returning to the Kansas City Royals. Right handed swingman Chris Young, 11-6 with a 3.06 ERA over 123 innings, including 18 must needed starts. Young signed last March to an incentive-laden contract and was invaluable throughout the season.

Both parties seem to want a reunion so 2 years and $15 Million sounds about right to get Young back in Royal blue for 2016. I’d say this would be one of the most important signings to get done because Young not only can do it all, he’s a good presence to have with the pitching core and clubhouse.

Now what about fan favorite Alex Gordon? When the fans came out and filled Kauffman in August and September, that showed the fans investment in the product and now it’s time for the franchise to invest as well. A lot of people will say, let someone else overpay for Gordon, but in my mind this is a must sign for the reasons I just mentioned. Remember “if you build it, they will come?” It’s time to step up and keep Gordo to set the tone for when the cornerstone Eric Hosmer‘s free agency comes up. How many times have you seen Gordon and Hosmer passionately will this team to victory? Especially in the playoffs the past two years? Handing out 5 years and $90 Million to Gordon not only makes a statement to the fans, but everyone in the dugout.


Instant OBP. Could there have been a more perfect fit for this “put the ball in play” lineup than Benjamin Thomas Zobrist? Adding this guy’s enthusiasm to Gordo and Hos? Are you kidding me?! But how does small market K.C. retain Gordon, Young, AND Zobrist? It’s simple. By winning, getting buts in seats, and getting that market share. Face it, the Royals are hot right now in the world of baseball. They might be the closest thing to “America’s Team” in baseball! If you commit to Zobrist for 4 years, you get Zobrist. Period. Want more revenue. Add Zobrist.

Ever heard “This is Business?”

Yep. This is exactly Business.

That is why you retain Gordon AND Zobrist and get creative with the rotation while the Red Sox of the world give the David Prices of the world $217 Million.

Then after you’ve proven yourself to the rest of baseball, Royals…what do you do next?

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