Kansas City Royals Potential Trade Targets on Offense

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Brandon Phillips

Even though the Cincinnati Reds have had a recent surge, winning seven of their previous twelve games heading into last night, they are still likely to be sellers. Of course, given that the All-Star Game is in Cincinnati, any moves are likely to be after the festivities, but the Reds have a few pieces that could be interesting. While most of the focus is on either Johnny Cueto or Aroldis Chapman, the Reds are reportedly willing to trade second baseman Brandon Phillips.

Granted, this is not the same Phillips that, two years ago, was a threat to hit twenty home runs while providing a bit of speed. Even though his power has decreased, Phillips has had a resurgence in the running game, stealing eleven bases to go along with five home runs and a solid .287/.321/.382 batting line this year. That is certainly a lot more than the Kansas City Royals have gotten from Omar Infante this year.

The biggest problems with Phillips are his age and his contract. He just turned 34 on the 28th of June, and is owed approximately $33 Million from this point through the 2017 season. While that may not seem like much per year, it is somewhat prohibitive given that the Royals will need to find a way to keep Alex Gordon after this year.

Meanwhile, any trade involving Phillips would likely necessitate a trade of Infante. The problem is, how many teams would lineup to take on a second baseman who not only has struggled this season, but has two more years on his contract and will need offseason elbow surgery? Unless the Royals can pair Infante with a solid prospect for Phillips, bringing the Reds second baseman along may just be a pipe dream.

Brandon Phillips would seemingly be the upgrade the Kansas City Royals need at second. The problem is, a trade between the teams may not work.

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