Kansas City Royals Potential Trade Targets on Offense

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Ender Inciarte

If the Kansas City Royals are looking for a middle of the order bat to man right field, then Ender Inciarte would not be a fit. However, Inciarte’s offensive game, based on contact and speed, may make him a perfect fit in Kansas City.

That is not to say that Inciarte does not have his uses. Offensively, the 24 year old has produced a .287/.316/.371 batting line. Given that he only has two home runs this season, most of his extra base hits would likely be in the form of a double or a triple, as Inciarte has excellent speed. That speed, however, has not translated in the running game this year, as he has stolen only nine bases in 14 attempts.

While some teams may view Inciarte as a fourth outfielder, he appears to have the type of game that would translate well to Kauffman Stadium. All Inciarte would need to do is hit one in the gap, and he would be off to the races. Add in his capability of playing all three outfield positions at a league average or better standard, and he could be a solid fit.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have a bit of a logjam in the outfield, potentially making Ender Inciarte available for trade. Even if he would not be an exciting bat, he could be a nice piece for the Royals to have, potentially solving their needs in right field for the long term.

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