Kansas City Royals Potential Trade Targets on Offense

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Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Prado

Maybe the Miami Marlins are not quite ready to throw in the towel on the season just yet. However, at 31-46 heading into yesterday’s action, and with Giancarlo Stanton on the disabled list, it seems to be a matter of time before the ‘For Sale’ sign is officially placed upon the roster.

Once that happens, one player that could be of interest would be Martin Prado. The super utility man has only appeared at third for the Marlins this season, but he has logged 262 games at second and 265 games in the outfield, albeit primarily in left. For the Kansas City Royals, as well as other teams in need of a second baseman or a utility player, that defensive flexibility would certainly be attractive.

One potential issue for the Kansas City Royals, if they were to consider Prado as a possible trade target, could be his salary. He is signed through next season for another $11 Million, and while the Yankees are paying $3 Million of that, $8 Million is quite a lot for a utility player, especially with Infante on the books. Unless the Royals part with a better prospect to have the Marlins pick up some of the salary, then he may be a bit cost prohibitive as well.

Despite a .272/.311/.370 batting line that would seem to be somewhat underwhelming, Martin Prado is the type of player that any number of teams could use. If the Kansas City Royals are interested in his services, they may find themselves in a bidding war that would not be worth it.

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