Kansas City Royals Have Fun on Photo Day

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few seasons, Jarrod Dyson has become known for his blazing speed, excellent defense and ability to do backflips in the outfield. As one of the Kansas City Royals key reserves, Dyson became known throughout the baseball universe for his ability to track down virtually anything in the outfield and to turn the basepaths into his personal race track. Watching opposing catchers attempt to throw him out was rather comical at times.

Naturally, with such gifts, Dyson would need a nickname that encapsulates this. Hence his moniker of “Mr. Zoombiya,” as Dyson could easily outrun most of the other players in Major League Baseball. Strangely though, Dyson may not be the fastest player on the Royals, as Terrance Gore could actually have a claim to the title.

However, in case anyone has forgotten about Jarrod Dyson’s prodigious gifts of speed and defense, he has a surefire way to remind you – just look at his glove. There, his nickname is emblazoned for all to see, and perhaps to remind those hitters who stand incredulously as Dyson tracks down yet another drive into the gap that would have seemed destined to land for extra bases.

Dyson certainly does not lack for confidence. Hopefully, he and the Kansas City Royals will continue their swagger this season.

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