Kansas City Royals Have Fun on Photo Day

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When you are a rookie, it is difficult to earn respect from your veteran teammates. Typically, you get saddled with having to do things like wear a Hello Kitty backpack in the airport, dress up in strange costumes or fetch the sunflower seeds and Gatorade for their amusement. It’s not an easy six or seven months.

Yet, as a rookie, one would expect that, at the very least, Picture Day would be a time for respite. Everyone has to go through it, and one would expect the veteran’s would look to get their obligations out of the way and swiftly leave. That did not end up being the case for Bubba Starling.

While Starling was posing for his picture during his first Photo Day, Luke Hochevar decided it was time to have a bit of fun, sneaking into the background of the picture. Chances are, this is not one of the photos that Starling will be using as a keepsake of his first major league Spring Training with the Kansas City Royals.

While Bubba Starling may have been a top prospect, and while he is extremely unlikely to open the season as a member of the Kansas City Royals, that does not mean he is immune from the same treatment that other rookies get. Hochevar will make sure of that, it seems.

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