Kansas City Royals Have Fun on Photo Day

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, Spring Training is also somewhat of a chore for a coaching staff as well, especially on a team that has a roster that is almost set, like the Kansas City Royals have. Right now, the Royals are likely looking at figuring out who their last reliever and backup catcher will be. Each position that had turnover has been filled, leaving the Royals with very few openings.

With that being the case, sometimes even coaches need to find entertainment where they can. Perhaps that explains the expression that Dale Sveum has in this picture. It does, after all, somewhat defy description. Is it a smile? A smirk? Does Sveum need medical attention?

Perhaps Sveum just saw more of Salvador Perez messing aruond with Lorenzo Cain. After all, Perez has seemingly made it his life’s mission to mess with Cain as much as possible. That is sort of the smirk that indicates that Sveum saw something amusing going on in the background, and tried to hide his amusement. Or, perhaps he just ate something that disagreed with him, and sprinted towards the bathroom shortly afterwards.

Speaking of Cain and Perez….

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