KC Royals fans need to check out the Cody and Gold Garage Sale

The third annual online auction has several items for KC Royals fans.
Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The KC Royals have faithful fans no matter how poorly the team is performing. That even extends to merchandise, with fans buying gear no matter the time of year. Die-hard fans seek commemorative gear, alternate uniforms, game-used pieces, and more to add to their Royals collection. For those fans, or the ones needing a blast from the past, you need to check out the Cody and Gold Garage Sale.

Cody and Gold, hosts on 610 Sports Radio, put together the online auction to support the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum this year. There are several items that feel like they belong in a garage sale, like and Indianapolis Colts football phone or a Pittsburgh Steelers Kordell Stewart jersey. The sale feels like items the popular radio hosts have gathered over the year, or donated from local sports fans. It doesn't matter where they come from though, because the funds all go to a good cause.

The auction features several great experiences featuring 610 Sports personalities. Bidders can experience a KC Monarchs game from the Owner's Suite, drink beers with 610 Sports host Jay Binkley at Cinder Block Brewery, and more.

Royals fans will certainly enjoy sifting through the other sports or unconventional items to find other Kansas City gear. Several bobbleheads, including a Kevin Appier and Alex Gordon commemorative one, are up for auction. The remaining Hunter Dozier fans can get their dream package by bidding on a signed bat from him and Cody's personal Dozier T-shirt to boot. The big-ticket item is a game-used and signed Nicky Lopez bat. Kelly's in Westport donated the item, which will likely fetch the most in the auction.

The Royals items are from various promotions over the years, giving new fans a chance to get some rare or older merch. Go check out the items in the auction here and help 610 Sports support the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum! Bidders need to act fast because bidding closes at 5 PM CST on Tuesday, June 20.

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