Is this really the infield the KC Royals want?

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Third base: The KC Royals seem content with Maikel Garcia at the hot corner

With Hunter Dozier gone and shortstop for better or worse Witt's exclusive province, Maikel Garcia is settling in with the Royals, and they with him. By default or otherwise, third base is his.

So far, so good. Garcia's played third 16 times since his May 2 recall from Omaha, where he was hitting .242 with a .348 OBP, a homer, and 17 RBIs in 24 games; now, the franchise's third-best prospect per MLB Pipeline is improving at the plate—through Sunday, he's batting .272. Expect to see even more improvement as Garcia sees more big league pitching.

And don't overlook his glove. He hasn't made an error in 140 innings at third, and has only one in 55 innings spread across second and short.

Garcia's "natural" position is, like Witt's, shortstop, but he's making things work at the hot corner and isn't the offensive or defensive headache Dozier was for the Royals. He doesn't have the power Mike Moustakas had, but he's playing well and offers the club versatility if it needs it.

So, all things considered, is the Royals' Pratto-Massey-Witt-Garcia infield really what the club wants? Apparently it is, but it might be more what they need if Witt and Garcia switch places. Time will tell.

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