Is this really the infield the KC Royals want?

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Shortstop: This KC Royals position belongs to Bobby Witt Jr. and no one else

The Royals squelched offseason speculation that Bobby Witt Jr. might move to third base, a trouble spot for the club ever since Mike Moustakas left five years ago this July, when they opened spring camp clearly committed to playing him at shortstop. The decision flew in the face of the difficulties he experienced last season at short.

But two days shy of two full months into the season, shortstop is Witt's position to lose. His glovework there lacks most of the awkwardness of last season's, spectacular plays are becoming routine, and he seems more comfortable in the spot. And although his .977 fielding percentage is only slightly above league average, his OAA at shortstop is 5, a 14-run positive swing over last year's -9.

He ranks 22nd among major league shortstops, however, in Defensive Runs Saved, a rating he'll need to improve, but that doesn't mean the Royals will do anything more than continue to try making Witt better. (Although he's hitting only .232, batting averages won't determine who the club plays at short).

But is Witt at shortstop best for him and the Royals? Maybe, maybe not. He's not Gold Glove material yet, and might never be, and he'd have less ground to cover if the club gave shortstop to Maikel Garcia and moved Witt to third.

And speaking of third base...