6 times the KC Royals fleeced MLB teams in cash consideration trades

After the KC Royals traded away Samad Taylor for cash, I wondered which player-for-cash trades Kansas City has netted notable returns.
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Richie Scheinblum
Traded by Texas Rangers on October 21, 1971

When Richie Scheinblum made his MLB debut against the Kansas City Athletics in 1965, it was a momentous day for the undrafted outfielder. It was just the start of Scheinblum's eight-year career, with two stops in a Royals uniform.

Scheinblum played for Kansas City in 1972 and 1974, arriving both times via trade. His arrival ahead of the 1972 season was not a splashy move at all, but he peaked immediately for the Royals. Scheinblum's lone All-Star season came in 1972, when he played a career-high 134 games. His .300 batting average ranked sixth in the AL, while his .383 on-base percentage ranked fifth. His bat was a significant factor in his selection as one of five Royals players named to the All-Star team that year.

Scheinblum's biggest impact in Kansas City likely has to do with his first departure. The Royals traded him and pitcher Roger Nelson to the Cincinnati Reds for pitcher Wayne Simpson and future World Series champion Hal McRae. Kansas City undoubtedly won that trade, acquiring a future Royals Hall of Fame player in McRae.

During his tenure with the Royals, Scheinblum played 170 games, had 611 plate appearances, and accumulated 150 hits, 23 doubles, 4 triples, 8 home runs, and 68 RBIs, with a batting average of .281. His overall career statistics include a .263 batting average, 13 home runs, and 127 RBIs.