3 hot prospects the KC Royals must check out before season's end

With the season lost, the Royals need to take the time to check out some prospects.
Lucas Boland/Caller Times / USA TODAY
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The KC Royals are going to lose at least 100 games and have a shot at dropping more than any other modern era club. They'll also finish last in the American League Central for the second straight season and third in the last six. And they rank at or near the bottom in too many categories.

It is, to be sure, a completely lost season for a franchise that, because it made it to the World Series in 2014 and won it in 2015, convinced too many fans it was a dynasty in the making.

So it is that these current Royals, indisputably one of the worst teams Kansas City has ever fielded, have only pride to play for down the stretch, making it an ideal, low-risk time to take a look at some of their better prospects, especially some who'll be exposed to this December's Rule 5 Draft if left off the 40-man roster.

Here are three (but certainly not all) of those players.

We'll say it again: The KC Royals should give Logan Porter a big league shot

We at Kings of Kauffman haven't been shy in our opinions about Logan Porter. I pointed out his virtues before last winter's Rule 5 Draft, our Jacob Milham did the same earlier this season, and I wondered why the Royals didn't give Porter his big league chance when they could have last month.

Now, with a little more than two months left in the season, Kansas City should bring Porter up to the majors. He deserves a look, the Royals need to see if he can hit big league pitching and, because he can catch, play first, and DH, and has a bit of experience at third base, they can give him a lot of playing opportunities. It is, after all, and by the club's own admission, an evaluation season.

Moving on, how about a starting pitcher?