A Brief Chat About the Kansas City Royals Deadline Push

KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 22: The Kansas City Royals celebrate defeating the Chicago White Sox 7-2 at Kauffman Stadium on July 22, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 22: The Kansas City Royals celebrate defeating the Chicago White Sox 7-2 at Kauffman Stadium on July 22, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images) /

The gang at KoK got together to see if they could work out what Dayton Moore might do between now and the trade deadline.

Edtior’s Note: The following Kansas City Royals discussion took place via Twitter message Tuesday night. It has been edited for content and grammar (allegedly) and is probably a thousand words too long anyway.

Colby Wilson (co-editor): Alright settle down. Order in the court I say. We’re here to talk about the Kansas City Royals, what they’ve done and what we think they will do. I will, of course attempt to clean up your (our?) ridiculous grammar and spelling.

Alex Duvall (contributor): Thank u

CW: First: everyone seems on board with what happened yesterday. Is there anyone who thinks that’s enough for the Kansas City Royals?

Eric Boston (co-editor): Not enough. If Trevor Cahill was a legit No. 3 then maybe

Tyler Dierking (newest contributor): Are we talking about the trades that happened yesterday? New guy is failing here!

CW: Yes new guy, you coming aboard is significant but not as much as Brandon Maurer, etc.

TD: I can agree with this. Haha

AD: I personally believe that’s enough as far as pitching goes. Every team in the league could always use more pitching, but I think the more pressing need now is a bat.

CW: So Boston, it’s not the pen for you, it’s the rotation?

EB: Right

TD: I think Cahill is a rotation guy for sure. His 3.69 ERA over 11 starts is to good to leave behind.

EB: You can’t trust Jason Hammel a pitch past the fifth

CW: Okay, is there a legit mid-rotation guy who doesn’t break the bank/system?

EB: Keep going back to Lance Lynn

AD: I think Lynn is the obvious answer to that.

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Nicholas Sullivan (contributor, previous New Guy): They could probably get Marco Estrada on the cheap. But I think fans would probably prefer Lynn.

AD: Lynn’s contract expires after this season. He would start the second game in a playoff series IMO. Slot him between the lefties.

CW: That seems to be everybody’s answer–Lynn’s the target. As a staunch anti-Lynn guy, talk me into it.

TD: I honestly don’t want them to make much, if any, more trades. The system is pretty weak and unless it’s a guy with control it would potentially kill the team in the future.

EB: I’m not really a fan of Lynn at all. That being said…

AD: His start today against COL was really impressive. Six strikeouts in 6 IP 3.21 ERA. 1.09 ERA in July before today. He’s only getting better as the year goes on.

EB: I don’t think it would take much to get him. Like Alex said yesterday would anyone be surprised if Kelvin Herreraczxs was in play? And he is definitely an upgrade from Ian Kennedy and Hammel

CW: I actually would be now. I think they’re more likely to double down, go after Pat Neshek (Ed. Note: Since traded) or someone and try to go super-pen.

AD: I’d be ok with that. They’re financially invested in their rotation. Cahill is the only one of those guys I can see them moving to the pen.

CW: Cahill turned into a good pen arm for the Cubs last year, if memory serves

AD: Yes he did.

NS: So did Wood …

CW: Fair point, Nick

EB: I feel like we are set up for the bullpen to be just as good with or without Kelvin Herrera and he might be enough on his own to land Lynn.

Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals /

Kansas City Royals

TD: So why do you guys like Cahill in the bullpen rather than rotation?

AD: I don’t think anyone said that. They’d just prefer Lynn in the rotation and Cahill would be the odd man out.

CW: I don’t necessarily. In fact, I don’t trust him a bit. But he’s been good and he’s the kind of gamble the Kansas City Royals should take.

NS: The Cardinals biggest weakness this season has been the bullpen. I think they would listen if Herrera was offered.

EB: At this point Cahill is the No. 5, pushes him to bp for playoffs. Maybe he bumps Hammel.

AD: No. Hammel is perfect for playoff baseball. Five innings and gone.

TD: Ah, so this is the if Lynn was traded for them Cahill would move? Okay, I personally like Cahill, his shoulder injury this year scares me though.

EB: I would like Hammel better as the No. 5 in the playoffs though

CW: I like what Hammel’s done lately. Looking strong. I’d sooner bump Kennedy, or to be more honest I’d sooner take a fire poker to the genitals than start either in a game that matters

AD: Well you only have four, max, in the playoffs.

EB: Danny DuffyJason Vargas – Lynn feels like a legit playoff group

AD: Yes it sure does.

CW: Alright Duvy, you’re on the “gotta have a bat” brigade. Lead it.

NS: Let’s not skate over the fire poker thing. Is it hot? Or is that not the point?

CW: Let’s move on

AD: They don’t hit lefties well at all and they need Jorge Soler to be good. He hasn’t been.

The pitching staff has been far better than the offense in relation to the rest of the league. They have a lot of adequacy in the pitching staff. 4/9 of their offense is hitting close to the Mendoza line and Lorenzo Cain disappeared in July. 5/9 hitters falling under the “adequate” category ought to be demanding of attention. They have got to add an impact bat, in my opinion. Preferably, one that can hit lefties well.

CW: First targets?

AD: JD Martinez (Ed. Note: This was followed by an eyerolling emoji)

EB: Zack Cozart

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AD: So, moving forward, I agree with Cozart.

CW: And his donkey, I assume

AD: Hitting .394 against lefties this season and rebounded well in July from a rough June.

TD: By getting Cozart, where does Alcides Escobar go?

AD: Shortstop

CW: Hades

EB: If there’s no donkey there’s no deal. The kids at the K are counting on it. As for Escobar, bench, DFA whatever.

AD: Cozart could DH or play short. I don’t see them moving Esky away from SS so DH seems more likely.

NS: I’m also on the bat-is-more-important-than-another-pitcher team, but I don’t think adding a middle infielder is the answer.

EB: So we are saying they add a bat to strictly DH?

AD: The .394 BA against lefties makes me tingly about Cozart.

CW: See, that’s why Cozart strikes me as an overvalue. Part of what’s good about him is plus-defense. His offense could always regress to the mean

TD: How is Cozart defensively? Escobar is pretty dominant at short, would Cozart match, or will his bat make up for the decrease in defense?

EB: Cozart and Esky are really close defensively by the numbers

AD: I agree Colby, but I don’t think the Reds will just hold on to him and let him walk, so I think he’d be cheap-ish.

AD: Melky Cabrera……been on a tear since June started and hitting .301 against lefties

EB: Throwing out a very random name here, but yesterday’s trade proves we have no idea. Think the Rockies would deal Mark Reynolds? Fits what you’re describing, Alex.

AD: Boston, I think so too. I love Melky.

CW: If we’re getting Melky, somebody bring back that fire poker

EB: I’ll stick with the left field Reynolds idea

CW: Is that “I can’t play outfield defense and we’ve got several years worth of proof” Mark Reynolds?

EB: Yeah, but just to DH

AD: Lol, Alex Gordon isn’t going anywhere.

EB: Meant the idea was from left field

AD: Oh 😂

EB: Sorry I’m kind of tired

AD: No you’re fine, my fault.

CW: Ahh. This is not a medium that always works for idioms lol

Okay, now I want a random player that each of you like who can actually be acquired. Say Mike Trout and I will find you and punt you into the sun

AD: Sonny Gray

EB: Christian Yelich

CW: Sorry–also wanted an explanation as to both why liked and how he can be acquired. That’s a my bad.

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TD: I guess my biggest thing here is one thing. Control. With the farm system how it is, diminishing it further with rentals will hurt the team in the long run. I want to win it all now that they are going for it, but not at the cost of the next however many years.

AD: That’s why I like Gray. You can trade four starting pitching prospects because he fills a rotation spot for two more years.

CW: Which four?

TD: I’d be content with keeping the team how it is right now and not making any more moves. Just me being the new guy though!

AD: Eric Skoglund, Scott Blewett, Josh Staumont and Garrett Davila. Oakland is short on LHP prospects. Might have to flip Foster Griffin for Staumont.

TD: I’d be happy with Gray. I love Ryan Buchter and Maurer because they have control. Staumont is intriguing to me to trade right now.

AD: You could add Soler into any trade too.

CW: I honestly think it would take both Griff and Staumont (to get Gray), and that might be too bitter a pill for GMDM to swallow

EB: No way you give up on Soler yet

NS: Yu Darvish. Can you say Johnny Cueto? Would it take the entire AA squad? Probably.

AD: I think since Raul Mondesi Jr. will be included you could do just Griffin. Blewett, Skoglund, Griffin, Mondesi and Davila might get that done.

And I didn’t give up on Soler. I said he might be a valuable trade chip lol.

CW: It’s such a tough thing to flip Soler now. Doing it is tantamount to saying you screwed up and if you do, you negate his value

TD: That’s huge for Gray (which I’m aware you’ll have to do. Just hard to say go for it)

AD: Maybe. But if Oakland really likes him and over values him, who cares

EB: Soler just needs regular time in KC, hasn’t had that yet

AD: Gray doesn’t close the window for this team after 2017. Duffy, Gray, Kennedyand  Hammel can be a playoff rotation for a couple years when they’re rebuilding if a few things break right.

CW: Whew. That five player for Gray thing… I agree, it’s just tough to think about that much young, controllable talent making an exit.

TD: Anyone think Kennedy will opt out and go test the market since it’s so bad for pitchers this year?

AD: Hell no.

CW: Alright, Gray we’ve covered. Let’s scream about Yelich for a sec. I’ll start:

I know the Marlins are divesting for a sale, but I think I’m the only one who thinks that only means Stanton. Yelich is paid a relative pittance and provides a good foundational pice for a new management group.

AD: Yeah I think Yelich is beyond unrealistic.

EB: What was the original question?

CW: I wouldn’t say unrealistic but I’m thinking more than anyone outside the super systems (Yankees, White Sox, Braves) are willing to pay.

AD: Yeah for the Kansas City Royals it’s not realistic

CW: Oh. Boston trolled us. Well struck indeed.

AD: Huh?

EB: Explain away Colby.

CW: A stupid person (me) didn’t clarify his original intent. I’m up til 5 every morning, cut me some slack.

EB: I’m still sticking with Yelich.

CW: Go on. Provide us a path for acquisition

AD: I’m curious Boston, what’s a trade for Yelich look like?

EB: Hmmm…

AD: That’s what I was thinking 😂.

EB: Jorge Bonifacio and some other guys? I’m tired don’t ask me to defend my fantasies

AD: Boni, Bubba Starling, Khalil Lee, Seuly Matias, Griffin, Staumont, Richard Lovelady, Logan Moon, Cam Gallagher?

EB: I’ll figure it out

AD: That doesn’t even get it done

CW: Fine. Anybody else got a wish list guy? Mine’s Brad Hand. AJ Preller is a dingus

AD: Patrick (Brennan, former editor) told me it was Hand instead of Buchter when he texted me about it. I almost peed my pants. You can imagine my disappointment.

CW: And Hand/Maurer/Buchter/Mike Minor/Joakim Soria/Herrera is a monster pen

AD: Peter Moylan*

CW: Of course the thunder from down under!

EB: Thus showing why KH may be expendable

CW: Which he could be if they swing a move for Hand.

AD: I don’t know about expendable, but definitely may have more value in a trade than as a closer

CW: Or he could be anyway. I won’t hazard a guess at what goes on in GMDM’s head

EB: Yep, plus do you think he is a member of the Kansas City Royals after next season?

CW: [shrugging guy emoji]

AD: I can’t believe I didn’t bring this up earlier. Wilmer Flores? Over .300 against lefties, FA at the end of the year, incredibly cheap. You could put him all over the place.

CW: If the Mets part with him, it’s among the dumber things they’ve ever done, and that’s saying something. Word is they want to hang onto him

AD: I wouldn’t blame them for that. But you could work a Chapman type deal. Trade and re-sign.

CW: Last thing, since this has already taken nearly an hour: what’s your best guess on what will happen between now and the deadline?

AD: They make one more move and then a Willingham type move in August.

EB: I was going to say one more move as well. I think it’s a pitcher. DM and Ned believe in their offensive guys. I mean I’m okay with the DH idea. But I think it should be Soler and give him everyday AB’s.

TD: I want them to stay put, but I think they’ll make one more move before the deadline. Most likely a bench bat.

EB: They should get Brandon Moss for the bench bat role….wait…

CW: I’m always a sucker for the Omar Infante types (because they can play lots of positions, not because they peaked four years ago) types. Martin Prado? Kelby Tomlinson? That’s my jam there.

AD: I don’t see the point in that if they’re not gonna start over Moss. I think you either replace Moss/Gordon/Esky or don’t do anything.

CW: They could move a better bat, worse glove to start over him. Boni’s improved as tonight showed, but you could always slide Prado or Whit Merrifield out to right and just let him rake.

EB: Hadn’t thought of it til now, but Boni makes for an interesting trade piece as well

AD: Btw, from earlier, I meant that we had 6/9 adequate hitters. 3/9 suck.

CW: Depends on the day lol

AD: Yea I don’t mind trading Boni, but the incoming player better RAKE.


CW: Turn Boni plus whatever Boston was on about re: Yelich earlier and I’m all in.

Well gents that’s our time and I supremely appreciate you all helping us out this together.