KC Royals: How To make The Most Of Fan Fest 2017

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Enjoy The Stage Shows

The Kansas City Royals put on a great show on the stage. Chris Miles has been an exceptional host in the past. He brings the energy as he welcomes various area high school and college dance teams, and plays host for games that involve both fans and players. At the end of each event on the stage, team employees throw a lot of free gear to fans. Seating at the stage is first-come, first-serve. Being near the front not only offers a better look at what is going on on-stage, but also a better opportunity to grab some of that free stuff.

Ever want to interview a player or coach? The stage shows give you that opportunity. There will be a handful of events throughout the weekend, and players and coaches may take the stage several times. Typically, each session ends with a question-and-answer segment from the fans.

So there it is, your guide to Fan Fest 2017. It really is that simple: buy your tickets, show up, enjoy. No further purchase necessary (except maybe parking outside). If you’re lucky, you’ll land a handful of autographs and/or some free KC Royals gear. Even if you attend just to watch the stage shows, who can beat a weekend with the Royals in the middle of winter?

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Who knows, maybe you’ll get to meet the newest Kansas City Royals player in Jorge Soler.