KC Royals: How To make The Most Of Fan Fest 2017

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Get Your Autographs Early

Naturally, the crowd will continue to grow throughout each day of Fan Fest. If you manage to be at the front of the line, you will want to beat the crowd behind you into one of the autograph lines. In the past, autograph sessions open about every 60 minutes. Only the first 150 fans in each session are allowed to get autographs, so it is important pick a session and get in line early.

In the past, there have been six autograph stations set up around Bartle Hall: one on each side of the stage, two on opposite sides in the middle of the hall, and two in the corners opposite the stage. Closed-circuit TV allows autograph seekers to watch what is happening on the stage, but audio is usually not available. That means the two autograph stations near the stage offer the best experience.

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Each station will actually have two lines: one for the upcoming autograph session, and one for the one after that. If you are unsure, ask one of the friendly ushers. Be prepared to wait in line for more than two hours without knowing which coach or player will be signing autographs at your station.

That uncertainty is the one drawback of waiting in line. In 2014, a text service informed fans which players would be at which stations just a few minutes prior to a session beginning. Crowds were thin enough for some to jump lines. That has not been possible the last two years as lines fill up well ahead of autograph time.

Photographs with the players are not allowed, and players will only sign one item per fan. Again, plan ahead. Make friends with that guy behind you in line and have him take a photo while you’re chatting with your favorite player.