Kansas City Royals Five Coolest Players

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Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest, baseball is one of the coolest sports there is. What’s cooler than a guy trying to throw a small piece of cork, wool and leather as hard as he can past a batter who’s trying to hit that same piece of cork, wool and leather as far and as hard as he can, and then run around three bases on his way back to home plate as fast as he can?

There are plenty of cool teams in Major League Baseball, and plenty of cool players around as well. The Kansas City Royals are one of those cool teams, and their roster has a number of cool players on it. But who exactly is the coolest?

Before we get started, let’s establish a few things. One: a player’s coolness has nothing to do with their on-field success. A player can be a sub-par baseballer, but still be extremely cool – for example Juan Pierre – and a really good baseballer can also be extremely uncool – hello Jose Bautista. Two, for the purpose of this discussion only players currently on Kansas City’s 40-man roster will be included (sorry Alex Gordon).

Having clarified those points, here’s my top five: