Kansas City Royals Five Coolest Players

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Number Five – Mike Moustakas

Coolness Rating: 7/10

Coolest trait: His nickname

Let’s get straight to the point, the coolest thing about Mike Moustakas is that he has an awesome nickname – Moose.

Moose are awesome animals – they’re tall, massive, live in the snow and have super cool antlers, they’re a pretty cool thing to be nicknamed after. Even though Moustakas isn’t nicknamed ‘Moose’ due to any resemblance to the actual animal, it’s still cool.

His coolness doesn’t just stop there, Moustakas has a great glove and a habit for making slick plays at third base – how cool was his over-the-rail catch in game three of the ALCS last year? – plus the fact that he’s been a Royal for his entire career is a huge bonus in boosting his cool factor.

Another thing that makes Moustakas cool is his difficult journey to become the well-rounded third baseman that he is today. After being gosh-darn awful with the bat for the first half of the season last year, Moose was sent down to the minors to sort out his hitting. He returned to the Majors later in the year before tearing it up during the 2014 postseason, and then carrying that success into this year – all the way to a World Series championship.

Everyone loves an underdog and a story of triumph in the face of adversity. Whilst Moustakas isn’t quite your typical underdog, he has certainly emerged triumphant when faced with his own personal battles, and thats pretty cool.