Kansas City Royals Facing Mets and Double Standards


It may that an old narrative is about to be revisited with the Kansas City Royals. Remember at the beginning of the year, when teams were throwing at or hitting the Royals, and suddenly Kansas City was that team of hotheads that couldn’t handle success? Get ready for that once again.

Why, you ask? Well, because Noah Syndergaard essentially admitted to throwing at Alcides Escobar with the first pitch last night. The sound you hear would be the crickets chirping instead of an outcry about how Snydergaard should be suspended for the rest of the postseason for throwing at a batter.

Now, let us imagine, for a moment, that Yordano Ventura had thrown that pitch in the same situation. Imagine the hue and cry that would be heard then. Ventura would be considered a “thug” who “doesn’t respect the game” or some other nonsense. Syndergaard does so, and it’s just “setting a tone” and “protecting his plate.” Sure. Right.

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Yes, everything is perfectly acceptable. Nothing to see here, right? That is, unless the Kansas City Royals retaliate by throwing a pitch up and in on the Mets leadoff hitter tomorrow. Once again, the potential for brawls and the belief that the Royals cannot control themselves would be brought back up. The fact that the Royals would simply be protecting their own and responding to the Mets provocation would be lost, because of the “reputation” that Kansas City has.

However, this may be exactly what the Royals need. After losing 9-3 last night, perhaps they need this type of provocation to get that chip back on their shoulder. After all, the Rumblin’ Royals jumped out early this season as they battled their way to the top of the American League.

In the end, none of this may matter. The greatest revenge that the Royals could have would be to win the next two games calmly and efficiently, that frenzied offense continuing to be the buzzsaw that it had been in Game Two.

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Hopefully, the Kansas City Royals will get even. The best possible way for that to happen would be to rip the Mets hearts out of their chest at Citi Field and celebrate a World Championship in the Mets’ home park. That seems like fitting vengeance.