KC Royals: Reporter Mistakenly Interviews Johnny Cueto’s Brother


KC Royals pitcher Johnny Cueto came to Kansas City, and so did his brother, Danillo.  Of course, the two look almost exactly alike, so one can see how it would be easy to mix them up, but you would think that a professional news reporter would know the difference.  I mean, the dreads are a dead giveaway, unless his brother has them too (which, as it turns out, he does).

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On Wednesday night, Cueto tossed a one run, two hit complete game in Game 2 of the World Series, guiding the Royals to a 2-0 Series lead. After the game, a credentialed reporter sat down with what he thought was Johnny Cueto, but actually turned out to be his brother, Danillo. Granted, the two Cuetos were in the same room together and the reporter had a 50/50 shot of picking the right one, but the odds were against him this time.

According to Anthony Castrovince of MLB.com, Danillo admits to being mistaken for his brother “all the time.” Of course, this is an excusable hiccup considering the extreme similarities between the two brothers, but one would still think that a reporter would be able to know which one is the Royals starter.

Ironically, Cueto has two brothers that look like him. Although they look alike, there is one question that must be asked: Can they all pitch like Johnny? Imagine a while family of Cuetos scattered throughout the league. If it would be anything like that performance last night, maybe the Royals should find out.

Hopefully, if Johnny Cueto does have another start for the KC Royals in the World Series, the reporters will be ready to interview the correct one. Otherwise, the Mets batters may not be the only ones made to look foolish that night.

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