Kansas City Royals: Missing the Antics of Rex Hudler


It is truly wonderful seeing the Kansas City Royals in the postseason, and making their second consecutive World Series appearance. The atmosphere around the team and the excitement of the fans is palpable. Finally, after decades of misery, the Royals are the toast of the American League, and have retaken their place as the true Kings in the AL.

Unfortunately, there are a few side effects to such success. Whackjobs with an agenda will show up. Jose Bautista and Josh Donaldson will once again be on the television. And then, there are the dynamic duo of Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds, two announcers that define banal broadcasting. Buck in particular has raised the ire of the Royals faithful to the point where a petition was started to remove him from the broadcast, and a bit of banter occurred on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Buck and Reynolds are the price one has to pay for reaching the World Series. They also allow us time to reflect upon the Royals announcers, and serve as a reminder for special Rex Hudler truly is. Even though Uncle Hud may think the Moon is a planet (and a beautiful one at that), sprayed mustard around randomly, and asked Steve Balboni for an autograph in the middle of an interview, he is much better than what has been foisted upon the public during the postseason.

For while Hudler is like the zany uncle that can be the life of any family gathering, Reynolds is more like that senile aunt that everyone else tries to avoid. He may never say anything worth listening to, but he does not realize how obnoxious he truly is. ‘Tis sad when the mind goes like that.

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Rex Hudler may not be the most eloquent person on the planet, and that would include Planet Moon. He may say things like ‘Game Winning Homo‘ when Paulo Orlando hit a walkoff home run because he’s trying to ‘speak Brazilian.’ But Uncle Hud is also the type of guy that one could picture meeting at a bar for a couple of brews and just talk baseball for a couple of hours. The Kansas City Royals color man is simply a fan of baseball; he is one of us.

That is what makes him so endearing compared to someone like Harold Reynolds. Hudler may not be the brightest bulb in the room, but he’s ours. Even if the beginning of his tenure was marked with fans clamoring for the return of Frank White, Hudler has become as much a part of the Royals as the fountains in the outfield, amazing defense and that stellar bullpen.

They say absense makes the heart grow fonder. In the case of Kansas City Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler, that is definitely true. If only he could replace Buck and Reynolds…..

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