Kansas City Royals Fans Take on Joe Buck


The Kansas City Royals are on to the American League Championship Series, where they are set to face the Toronto Blue Jays beginning tonight. While this is a cause of celebration amongst those who enjoy the color blue, it is also a cause for some degree of angst among the Royals faithful.

That angst is centered upon Joe Buck, the generally disliked Fox Sports announcer. While most fans seem to feel that he dislikes their team, as his Twitter bio has the following: “And get over it SF and Philly fans-I do not hate your teams-great fans, better food!Relax,” that feeling of persecution is particularly strong with Royals fans.

It is easy to understand why that would be the case, given Buck’s announcing during the 2014 World Series. Madison Bumgarner was in the midst of a truly historic performance, something that Buck was certain to point out at any given moment. To fans of the Royals, it was as though their team was an afterthought, and Bumgarner and the Giants were the only story worth paying any attention to.

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With Joe Buck having been announced as one of the broadcasters for the American League Championship Series, that vitriol from Kansas City Royals fans is back in full effect. Not only has a petition begun to circulate requesting that Buck be removed from the series, due to his perceived lack of impartiality, but fans have taken to airing their annoyance to him directly on Twitter. Surprisingly, Buck, or whoever controls his account, has taken the time to respond.

Here are a few of Buck’s comebacks to those who have gone to take him on via Twitter. First, we begin with someone asking if he is marrying Bumgarner yet:

To a woman whose profile picture is her and her infant:

These are just a couple of examples from what was an admittedly humorous selection of responses from Buck. While he may not be everyone’s favorite announcer, and, for that matter, may be towards the bottom of the list of those that Royals fans want to see in the broadcast booth, one has to give him credit for his end of this back and forth.

Like him or not, Joe Buck will be back in Kauffman Stadium as the Kansas City Royals are set to take on the Toronto Blue Jays. Hopefully, his presence will mean that Royals fans will have to tolerate him through eight more victories.

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