Kansas City Royals to be Picketed By Westboro Baptist Church


If you are planning on heading out to the Kansas City Royals game against the Toronto Blue Jays tonight, you may want to be careful. There may well be a circus as you head into the stadium, one comprised of a few possibly insane beings determined to cause mayhem, havoc, and to call down the wrath of the heavens upon those who dare believe differently than they do.

It may be a small circus, but the insanity will nonetheless be completely palpable.

Yes, everyone’s favorite collection of publicity seeking crackpots, the Westboro Baptist Church, are going to be getting involved with the American League Championship Series. For reasons known only to them (and listed in their incoherent, hate-filled, and rambling press release posted on Twitter) the WBC will be picketing tonight’s contest. Because nothing offends the sensibilities of anyone quite like a game of baseball.

What, exactly, are they picketing? Ned Yost sending Edinson Volquez out for the sixth in Game Five, or not having a quick enough hook? If so, that is an entirely justifiable reason to march about with signs, because Volquez is the sole reason as to why this series did not end in Canada.

Or maybe the WBC just has a problem with maple leaves. Everything else is an affront to their beliefs, so why not target the maple? Or syrup. Or that weird hamlike substance that Canada considers to be bacon.

Perhaps the WBC are fans of South Park. Since they are blaming Canada for death, pestilence, Jose Bautista‘s painted on beard, the Kardashians and every other plague known to mankind, it does bring a certain little tune sung in the South Park movie to mind.

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At every ballgame, there are certain hazards. Foul balls and splintered bats fly into the crowd on a regular basis. In Toronto, one needs to watch out for hurled cans of beer and the salty tears of Josh Donaldson after another strikeout.

In Kansas City, those foul balls are replaced with Royals players flying into the stands to make the impossible catch appear routine.

Then there is the possible hazard of some drunk prancing about in the fountains, but if the Royals win the World Series, we can give that a pass. Now, the WBC can be added to that list of possible hazards at the ol’ ball field.

It is always great to head on down to Kauffman Stadium and tailgate in the parking lot before going inside to watch the Kansas City Royals take on their opponents.

This time, before the Royals hopefully clinch a World Series berth against the Blue Jays, Royals fans will be treated to a circus as well. Just remember, don’t feed the animals.

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