Kansas City Royals: Fans, It Is Not Time to Panic


I should never have been a baseball fan.

Now, I don’t really mean that.  But that above sentiment has been shared by countless fans of the thirty ball clubs during the emotional seismograph that is a season of Major League Baseball.  The saying goes “Baseball is gonna break your heart.”  The saying never mentioned how many times.

I got hooked into the Kansas City Royals at a time when they scrubbing the floors of the AL Central.  Then, they got better.  They got even better.  They dusted off the sands of thirty years of playoff drought and were within reach of a second franchise World Series ring.  I was used to losing before.  It felt natural, because the Royals looked like they were having so much fun that the score didn’t matter. 

Last year’s run told me one thing: Winning felt better than losing.  And losing felt worse than anything.

We are more than halfway through the 2015 season and the Kansas City Royals still own the division.  Despite their incredible playing, every single loss equals a stab in the heart.  Between the Toronto affair and the Tigers series, I can’t count how many times my day has been ruined.  Oh wait, yes I can: 5 out of 7.

I didn’t play the game, I’m not a member of the team, but when the Royals lose, I have some ridiculous sympathetic pains.  It’s almost as if every loss is like Game 7 knocking at the door and reminding us that we don’t deserve nice things. 

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I’ve had a lot of self-psychotherapy in the last few months and it help me realize one thing: The Kansas City Royals don’t deserve anything.  They aren’t owed the World Series.  They have to earn it, and better than any other team in the American League, they are earning it. 

Additions like Top Five Ace Johnny Cueto and everyman Ben Zobrist are contributing already.  Since his return from the DL, Danny Duffy is reminding us of his 2014 form despite one rough go North of the Border – but to be fair, the Rogers Centre is a maple-soaked black hole where good teams go to die.  And with Alex Gordon possibly returning by the end of the month, there is plenty to look forward to.

Although Jeremy Guthrie has been giving up home runs like Halloween candy as of late, Mike Moustakas is giving away at bats, and Yordano Ventura manages to have one  or two meltdown innings per game, we remain victorious.  And with Minnesota’s 2015 ride seemingly crumbling below their feet, I have to admit some of this seems like divine intervention.

All I’m saying is this:  Don’t panic, fellow Royals fans.  We have a division lead, we have a good team, and we only have gotten better.

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