Kansas City Royals Franchise Four Retrospective

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Mandatory Credit: Charlie Neibergall/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

A few months back, when the 2015 season was just beginning, Major league Baseball announced quite the interesting concept of the Franchise Four. Essentially, fans would get to vote on their team’s Mount Rushmore of players, those four legends of the past and present whose exploits resonate throughout time. The Kansas City Royals had a solid collection of candidates, and even with those players who were snubbed, would have had a solid foursome.

Before the All-Star Game, the final results were announced. The Royals Mount Rushmore, at least for the time being, has been set. There, immortalized as the four greatest Royals players, are George Brett, the most obvious name to be included. We have Dan Quisenberry, the submarine pitcher who baffled hitters with his variety of slow pitches and ground ball tendencies. Along side the late Quisenberry, we have Bret Saberhagen, perhaps the best starting pitcher the Royals have had. And finally, Frank White, the great second baseman who may be the second best player in Royals history.

It is certainly a collection of players that any team would be proud of. It is also a reminder of another time, back when the Royals were the model franchise in baseball. Here, we see the luminaries of the Golden Era of Royals baseball, once again given a moment in the spotlight and having their accomplishments recounted.

And so, let us fond look back at the careers of these greats, and remember their time with the Kansas City Royals one more time.

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