Kansas City Royals Franchise Four Candidates

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One of the fun aspects of being a fan of any team is to argue each team’s Mount Rushmore of players. Which four players in the history of the franchise should be listed as the pinnacle of talent, those players whose performances managed to entranced generations and will be forever remembered as amongst the best that ever put on that team’s uniform? That is something that Major League Baseball is looking to determine for all thirty teams in baseball, as well as for the four greatest Negro League players, pioneers of the game and the greatest living players.

For some teams, this list can be quite difficult to narrow down. Teams like the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles/Brooklyn Dodgers have had quite a few stellar players pass through the clubhouse in their history. While the Kansas City Royals may not have that same level of historical greatness in their history, they have still had quite a few excellent players to come through the doors.

Each team has eight players selected for the 2015 Franchise Four, as it is being called on the different team sites. There is also a write in section for a player who one feels deserves to make the pantheon and be considered one of the Franchise Four, but was not listed as an option.

Who are the players listed for the Kansas City Royals? Let’s go through each one and their credentials.

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