Kansas City Royals Rewind: Greg Holland Continues to Dominate

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1. Alex Rios

For most of the year, the Kansas City Royals have had holes in their lineup at either second or right. While Omar Infante is starting to heat up offensively, the same cannot be said for his counterpart, Alex Rios.

Last week, Rios struggled once again, producing a .143/.174/.143 batting line, with three singles and getting hit by a pitch in his 23 plate appearances. Rios did drive in two runs, but he also struck out six times. On the plus side, Rios did manage to work the count, seeing the fifth most pitches of anyone on the Royals last week.

When he came back from the disabled list, it was expected that Rios would help get the offense back in gear. Even though his return helped the Royals get out of their doldrums and climb back out on top of the American League Central, Rios has only produced a .181/.216/.205 batting line with two doubles since his return on May 31st. The ability to hit for extra bases, and the dynamic player that the Royals saw through the first week of the season, just has not been there.

At this point, it may be time for the Kansas City Royals to be concerned about Alex Rios’ performance. Despite most of the focus for an upgrade on offense being directed at second base, right field deserves a look as well.

And now, on to the top performers for the Kansas City Royals last week.

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