Kansas City Royals Rewind: Greg Holland Continues to Dominate

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2. Eric Hosmer

Last week was not a good week for Eric Hosmer. First, the Kansas City Royals first baseman was passed by Miguel Cabrera as the starting first baseman for the All-Star Game, leaving he and Alex Rios as the only Royals without a starting spot. Then, Hosmer did not do himself any favors in the vote, as he struggled mightily with the bat.

Last week, Hosmer produced a .208/.208/.208 batting line, neither drawing a walk nor getting an extra base hit. While Hosmer did drive in two runs and steal a base, he also struck out four times in his 24 at bats.

Fortunately for the Royals, even if Hosmer is not swinging the bat well, he is valuable in quite a few other ways. His defense at first more than makes up for any struggles that he may have, especially as Hosmer has become the gold standard at the position. Even if he is not hitting, Hosmer is still able to make an impact upon the game by flashing the leather.

While Eric Hosmer may have struggled at the plate for the Kansas City Royals, he likely still considered the week a success, especially during his off day on Thursday.

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