KC Royals: Vote Eric Hosmer Back Ahead of Miguel Cabrera


KC Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer fell behind Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera in the American League All-Star vote. According to the Associated Press, Cabrera zoomed to a 1.38 million vote lead on Monday. A week ago, Eric Hosmer led by 600,000 votes.

Seven Kansas City Royals still hold leads in the All-Star game voting, but third baseman Mike Moustakas‘ margin over MVP candidate Josh Donaldson narrowed to a mere 33,000.

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Along with Moustakas, KC Royals players Salvador Perez, shortstop Alcides Escobar, designated hitter Kendrys Morales, outfielder Lorenzo Cain, outfielder Alex Gordon, and second baseman Omar Infante lead the All-Star voting at their respective position for the American League squad.

If seven KC Royals manage to hold onto their All-Star vote leads, they will break the record for position players elected from one team in the same season. The 1939 New York Yankees set the current record with six.

Seven Cincinnati Reds won election to the All-Star game in 1957, but commissioner Ford Frick overruled the vote when it came to light that the Reds passed out already check-marked ballots to fans at Crosley Fields (Cincinnati’s home park). Frick added Willie Mays and Hank Aaron to the National League starting lineup.

Multiple sportswriters across American have urged voters to “solve” the Kansas City Royals problem, because they consider the current results a “joke“.

The fact is, I don’t really care what anyone thinks. I completely agree with Deadspin writer  Samar Kalef who called for ALL NINE KANSAS CITY ROYALS regulars to get elected to the All-Star game.

Why not, Kansas City?

The baseball world considered us a joke for nearly 30 years. We’re having a great summer. Why shouldn’t we elect the players we truly want to see in the All-Star game? Electing all nine Kansas City Royals starters, or even electing the KC Royals eight along with Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout, would make history.

Let’s get remembered for something other than give-away trades, front office stupidity, and years of futility. Let’s get remembered as the fanbase that got so charged up, we wiped out those fans on each coast that condescendingly refer to us as “flyover country”.

Not only would it make history, electing a record number of KC Royals would create a buzz around the game. If anything, nine Kansas City Royals players in the starting lineup would probably increase ratings. And for pundits who are concerned about the consequences of the All-Star game, who is going to be more motivated to win home-field advantage for the 2015 World Series than the defending American League Champions?

It’s not as if the KC Royals players would play the whole game. Manager Ned Yost will certainly select guys like Donaldson and Cabrera to fill out his squad. What real difference will it make if nine Kansas City Royals get one at bat before the “real” All-Star team takes the field? Especially if that’s what fans want to see.

You can click here to vote for the All-Star game: 2015 All-Star Ballot

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