Kansas City Royals Rewind: Salvador Perez Does it Again

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

1. Salvador Perez

Looking at his overall batting line, Salvador Perez may seem to be an odd person to place atop the hot list. His .235/.235/.588 batting line does not exactly jump off the page. However, Perez did hit two home runs, including the game winner yesterday against the Texas Rangers.

It is that game winning home run yesterday that was truly notable. In fact, if it seemed as though you had seen this before from Perez on June 7th, you would be correct. Since 2013, Perez has hit a go ahead home run for the Kansas City Royals on June 7th for three consecutive years. It is quite the impressive, and unique, statistic.

Perhaps this can continue to be an ongoing trend. The Royals will either be behind or tied next year, and there will be Perez, standing at the plate and launching a pitch into the bleachers to give the Royals yet another game winning home run. The only way it would be better would be if he was able to smile maddeningly at Miguel Cabrera as he rounded the bases.

At this point, June 7th should be Salvador Perez Day for the Kansas City Royals. Let us have a Perez themed giveaway, and watch him hit a game winning home run. It would truly be an excellent day at the ballpark next year.

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