Kansas City Royals Five Best Draft Picks in Team History

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the 2015 MLB Amateur Draft will kick off. Spanning three days and forty rounds, the draft will take place through Wednesday, as teams look to take those players they hope will be their next star players. It is a time of hope and excitement, as new players are infused into the minors and top prospects can begin their journey to the majors.

The draft is also, for some, a test in patience. While there may be the odd player, like Brandon Finnegan last season, who gets to make their major league debut the same year they were drafted, those players are few and far between. Normally, it takes a few years for a draft to begin to bear fruit, as these young players need to mature and rise up through the ranks.

This can also be a time of disappointment, at least in hindsight. The draft is an inexact science in any sport, and may be even more so in baseball. Unlike most other sports, these prospects have to earn their place in the minor leagues, showing that they can handle professional baseball at each stop along the way before making the majors. Sometimes, these players never do make that final jump to the major leagues, and even those that do may not pan out as expected.

However, let us focus on the positive. Let us look back through the Kansas City Royals draft history and look back at the five best selections over the 47 years of the Royals existence. While we all know who the best pick in team history would be, the other ranks may not be as easy to determine.

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