Kansas City Royals Dominating All-Star Voting

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

If you are anything like me, then you are likely tired of seeing the same faces almost every year when it comes time for the All-Star festivities. The same players keep getting voted in, whether or not they deserve their spot in the starting lineup. Just think back to seeing the corpse of Derek Jeter take the field over the past few seasons.

For one day, the tedium of the same ol’ same ol’ All-Star lineup appears to be over, at least on the American League side. Instead, the American league roster is turning a pleasant shade of blue, with FIVE Royals among the starters at their positions. Not only is Lorenzo Cain leading all American League outfielders in votes, but the Royals have the top two vote getters in the league with him and Salvador Perez. In fact, there is not a member of the Royals who ranks worse than second at their position.

It is amazing what a difference winning can make. Now, the Royals are playing on national television, and people know how good their players are. While the Royals may be getting a bit of help at the ballot box due to their increased attendance this season, those extra fans are not the only reason for this upswing in popularity. At least, one would think not.

Last week, we looked at the players who deserved to get the nod for the All-Star Game. Now, let us look at each of the Kansas City Royals players and see who truly has a chance to play in the Mid-Summer Classic.

*statistics current as of Monday’s games*

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