Kansas City Royals Dominating All-Star Voting

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Salvador Perez: .303/.314/.458, 1,447,753 votes

Seeing Salvador Perez as an All-Star would not be a surprise. After all, the Kansas City Royals backstop has been an All-Star in each of the past two seasons. His all around brilliance when healthy, both offensively and defensively, has already placed him in the upper echelon of catchers throughout baseball. In fact, one could even say that Perez is the best catcher in the American League.

That statement is certainly holding true this year. Perez has been stellar with the bat, hitting five home runs and nine doubles to go along with his solid batting line. He has even chipped in a stolen base, one of two for his career. Defensively, Perez has been at top form, gunning down 48% of players trying to steal on him. At this point, one has to wonder why the opposition even tries any longer.

While Stephen Vogt is certainly worthy of consideration for the All-Star Game, and is actually outperforming Perez with a .307/.410/.598 batting line and ten home runs this year, he just is not a known quantity. Chances are, we will see Vogt in Cincinnati for the All-Star festivities this season, but he is not going to supplant Perez in the popular vote.

Salvador Perez is currently 651,905 votes ahead of Vogt to start the All-Star Game. Unless A’s fans stuff the ballot box like it is a third world presidential election, the Kansas City Royals have one starter in the bag.

Chances of starting: virtual lock

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