Kansas City Royals Week Five Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

2. Salvador Perez

Given the strong start that Salvador Perez had to the season, one had to hope that he would avoid being on the side of the ledger for quite some time. Even as he continued to play virtually every day, Perez had a strong start to the season, once again looking like the best catcher in the game.

However, as had to be expected, Perez slumped this week. While he was still just as spry as ever behind the plate, his production in the lineup slipped, as Perez posted a .150/.150/.300 batting line. Fortunately, this just looks to be more of a matter of bad luck, as Perez only struck out twice. It is not as though he has been overmatched.

Perhaps getting the occasional day off will help. Ned Yost seems to like Drew Butera, as he has made as many starts in his four days with the Royals as Erik Kratz made in a month. Now Yost does not need to worry about taking a hit defensively with Perez’ Golden Glove getting a day off.

Chances are, we will see Salvador Perez on the hot list soon. We’ll just call this a one week blip on the radar.

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