Kansas City Royals Week Five Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

3. Franklin Morales

Being a part of the Kansas City Royals bullpen, one is held to a truly lofty standard. We are used to seeing pitchers come in, domination the opposition and utterly crush their hopes and dreams. With the astonishing depth of the bullpen, the Royals relief corp is truly the envy of baseball.

Unfortunately, Franklin Morales was unable to keep up his end of the bargain last week. In his two appearances, Morales gave up four runs on five hits and a walk in his three innings of work. It just was not a good week for Morales.

Normally, this would not be much of a concern. After all, Morales is more of a situational reliever for the Royals at this point. However, he is the only lefty reliever in the Kansas City Royals bullpen. While getting into a battle of bullpens with the Royals may work about as well as fighting  land war in Asia, having the only left handed reliever in the bullpen struggle is a bit of a concern.

Hopefully, this is just a blip on the radar, and Franklin Morales will return as another bullpen in the loaded gun of a bullpen that the Royals possess.

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