Kansas City Royals Week Two Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

To say that it has been an interesting week for the Kansas City Royals would be an understatement. After starting the season as the last undefeated team in baseball, the Royals lost two consecutive games to the lowly Minnesota Twins before the Oakland A’s turned Billy Butler‘s homecoming into a mission of vengeance. Yes, it was quite the interesting week.

Through it all, the Royals managed to go 3-3 while losing Alex Rios to a fractured left hand and Greg Holland to a strained muscle. Alcides Escobar is day to day due to a late slide from Brett Lawrie, turning the A’s third baseman into Public Enemy Number One for the rest of the weekend, and probably beyond. However, the Royals still managed to persevere with their brand of baseball.

So, as the 2015 Kansas City Royals continue on their quest to take care of their unfinished business from last year, we continue to look through those who, each week, impact those chances, be it positively or negatively. In fact, one does not even need to be a player to have an impact on the Royals chances, either positively or negatively.

And so, let us look through which entities were hot, and which were not, for the second week of the season. Considering the week that the Kansas City Royals just came off, it should prove to be quite the interesting list.

*statistics are as of Sunday night*

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