Kansas City Royals Week Two Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

3. Salvador Perez

We all know the reasons why Salvador Perez struggled in the second half last year. He has beaten up from all of the foul tips and the wear of playing catcher virtually every day. He had a minor concussion that seemed to cause him problems from that point forward. Perez just was not the same during the second half.

This year, Perez has been off to a tremendous start, showing that the ill effects he dealt with last season are behind him. In the past week, Perez posted a .333/.333/.519 batting line, hitting two doubles and a home run while driving in five. On a team that needed improvements from key players, Perez has certainly stepped up.

Salvador Perez has also done more than just hit the ball well over the past week. He has been his typical Gold Glove self behind the plate, showing off that howitzer attached to his right shoulder while displaying the mobility and quickness that he had been known for.

This is Perez that the Royals need this season. Hopefully, he can get enough rest and continue to swing a hot bat.

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