Kansas City Royals Vs Oakland A’s Series Rewind


Coming off a miserable road series against the Minnesota Twins, the Kansas City Royals were in desperate need of a series win if they were to be nipping at the heels of the Tigers.  After a dramatic reenactment of the 2014 Wild Card game, a losing shutout, and a late inning victory, the Royals remain competitive in the early part of the season with a 9-3 record.

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Everything was perfectly rudimentary in the series until Brett Lawrie made a bonehead slide into second and Alcides Escobar got jabbed in the leg.  The Royals, a boiling volcano of pressure after being plugged a dozen times, responded in kind with two victories and an unfortunate desire to prove alpha male superiority.

Yordano Ventura, the newly minted rotation ace, got himself in a five-run deficit of a pickle and plunked Brett Lawrie in the arm.  He got tossed.  Lorenzo Cain was later quoted as saying the Royals considered the squabble closed, but that was not to be the case.  Ned Yost, pitching coach Dave Eiland, Don Wakamatsu, and Escobar would all eventually be thrown out from hostile calls and awkwardly frustrating aggression from the umpire crew.

What can we learn from this series?

The Royals starting rotation is victim to the pratfall most saw coming: giving up runs due to strike zone misfires and walks, and also not being able to pitch deep into the game. Luckily we have a bottomless bullpen to soften the blow, but they cannot be exhausted so early in the season without repercussions.  Ventura has to pitch to the seventh without a cramp.  Danny Duffy has to pitch into the seventh without giving up walks like candy on Halloween.

On the bright side, our newcomers are giving bright lights of optimism to the cause.  Paulo Orlando won the first game of the series on his fourth triple in five hits to open the season. His defensive skills have been showcased, if not ignored, in both right and left field during the series.  In game three, Kendrys Morales brought the club and sent an airmail to Oakland with a bomb of a two-run double to break the tie.  An extra six inches, and the ball would have been bobbling in the fountains. 

A Rivalry Born

Despite my pleas of avoiding hostility towards retribution towards Brett Lawrie, the Kansas City Royals gave in and hit him. Kelvin Herrera nearly hit him for a second time, but the warning shot was judged as intentional and he was sent to the showers. Although I disagree with the methods, and the reactions, I feel that rivalry will be good for the Kansas City Royals and their fanbase.  The resounding sound of boos, bolstered with the postseason volume of “Let’s Go Royals” chants immediately gave warning to the opposition that Kauffman stadium would be a hard place to secure victory.

I wish that the rivalry will be used towards wins, not verbal abuse towards the opposing team and their fans.

It remains to be seen how the Kansas City Royals will fair against Oakland in their next matchup in June, taking place at the O.Co.

The Kansas City Royals leave the Oakland Athletics with a 9-3 record and move onto hosting the Twins.  Let’s hope for back to back series wins and ideally surpass the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central.

More importantly, let’s hope and pray the Royals transfer aggression into game winning runs, not chin music.

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