KC Royals Need Scoreboard on A’s Today


So, do you think enough has been written about Brett Lawrie’s dirty slide into Alcides Escobar?

On Friday night, Lawrie slid later than he normally would have because he wasn’t expecting a throw to second. That said, he clearly was targeting Escobar and crossed the aggressive play/ dirty play line. The Royals kept their cool and went on to win that game. Scoreboard KC Royals.

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On Saturday night, Yordano Ventura was in the process of his worst big league start, getting shelled 5-0. After giving up a bomb, up comes Brett Lawrie. Yordano then threw his best pitch of the night, a 98 mile per hour dart hitting Lawrie below the shoulder and above his waist. For good measure, Yordano walks towards Lawrie, treating Lawrie like Mike Trout. Luckily, Little Pedro did not cramp up while puffing out his chest. I guess that would not have even mattered, because everyone’s new, favorite umpire, Jim Joyce, had already tossed him. I agree that Joyce is a “real treat”, but fans should know he was just following the rules when he tossed Ventura, because he had been warned.

Apparently, Lawrie sent text messages making sure Escobar was ok, a move I don’t think he needed to even make, but Escobar says they were not received. Both players show their phones to the media to prove their version of the f-ng text saga! Apparently Eric Hosmer, who turns into Pepe Le Pew every time an opponent gets to first base, gave Lawrie the cell number of Escobar. The A’s, by the way, held their 5-0 lead for the win. Scoreboard A’s.

Let’s hope everyone’s feeling are healed and better this Sunday. Maybe the baseball men can settle this as they play a game on a field.  That’s going to be a difficult assignment for the KC Royals today. They have a compromised line up, and, on paper, a bad pitching match up.

The A’s have one of the hotter starters in baseball throwing today, Scott Kazmir. He’s on my fantasy team, so I don’t like being put on this position. Scott’s 2-0 with a 0.69 ERA. That said, he has lost his last 4 against KC.

The Royals roll out one my favorite players, Danny Duffy, who has been shaky this year. His 6.35 ERA should go down some today, and he is due a little luck. He is 3-0 in his career against these A’s.

It was nice to see Alex Gordon pull an extra base hit last night, and I am hoping he get’s hot. We all know he is streaky. I say he keeps it going, Duffy does enough to get it to the bullpen, and we see Wade Davis get his first save of the year, in place of the sore breasted Greg Holland. It would be a bummer to lose a series after such an awesome Friday night win, and on the heels of a series loss to the Twins. I think Sunday will read, Scoreboard KC Royals.