KC Royals: MLB 15 Predicts Twelve Innings in Rematch with Angels


Working in retail, I don’t often find myself on days off looking for a productive way to spend my time.  I’d rather relax with Trappist ales and load up my copy of MLB 15: The Show, the most detailed and fun sports game in the history of existence (humble opinion). In a stroke of pure, sedentary genius, I pondered: “What if I were to combine gaming and blogging about the KC Royals?”

And here we are. I set up a KC Royals matchup versus the Angels in Anaheim.  The last time the two teams met, the Royals brought the brooms and swept the Angels out of October.  Two of those games featured highly dramatic extra innings victories. According to the results of MLB 15, tonight’s game will be no different.

Time to Play Ball!

The first four innings can only be described as frustrating for the KC Royals. The offense strands runners and cannot find a way to break through Hector Santiago and his dominating sinker. (Side note: I hate the sinker. Despise it. I can’t hit it and Santiago is able to nail the corners).  On defense, Jason Vargas is likewise dominating the Angels; he strikes out three and strands two runners.  All is going tepidly well.

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After inducing a first out flyball in the bottom of the 4th, the game alerts me that Jason Vargas has strained his back and needs to be removed from the game.  I resort to using Louis Coleman out from the cold, though we all know he’s back in the minors.  Sacrifices must be made.

Louis Coleman pitches well, striking out three batters (including Mike Trout) in 2.2 innings of relief.  The Royals continue to squander baserunners like it’s going out of style.

At the Top of the 7th, Lorenzo Cain leads off and gets knocked in after Eric Hosmer doubles into the right field corner. The Royals now lead 1-0.  Although Hector Santiago pitched incredibly well and his count was well below normal, Mike Scioscia pulls him.  Fernando Salas gets the next three batters out with ease.

Bot 7th:  After a giving up a lead off walk, I pull Coleman and bring in the first “H,” Kelvin Herrera.  To say he had a rough inning is putting it mildly.  David Freese gets on with an infield single. Erick Aybar triples into the corner and scores two. In an act of pure insanity and taking strategic notes from the movie Major League, the Angels successfully induce a suicide squeeze, scoring Aybar.  Angels lead 3-1.

From here on to the 9th inning, the Angels are in control; meanwhile, the Royals offense is mesmerized by the Halo’s bullpen.  However, Huston Street comes into the Top 9 and blows the save when Kendrys Morales bolts a two-run single up the middle.  Game is tied up.

Extra innings, here we come.  The real drama is just beginning.

Wade Davis holds the Angels at bay for three scoreless innings, striking out three.  Top 11. The Royals load the bases. Joe Smith comes in. Alex Rios swings at the first pitch, sending the ball deep to center and scoring Eric Hosmer. The Royals lead 4-3!  Bring out your clogs because it’s Holland time.

I can only assume Greg Holland ate some bad egg salad the previous night because his outing was four shades of rancid.  Mike Trout singles, then promptly steals second base. CJ Cron, who’d been asleep at the plate all evening, decides to unleash the fury and drive in Trout. Angels tie it up at 4-4.

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Twelve innings.  Twelve, long, frustrating innings. During the moment, I am completely astonished that Greg Holland blew a save so early in the season. The Royals offense has to do something quickly lest the Playstation controller will be tossed out the window.

Top 12. Omar Infante leads off and just like in reality, I am not overjoyed to see him. Joe Smith submarines his way ahead in the count.  I notice he’s pitching inside, so I adjust accordingly, hoping I might nab a single.  Instead, Infante slugs a sinker into left field for a leadoff dong! Royals lead 5-4!

Bot 12.  In a truly Ned Yostian act of faith in the player, and with the bottom of the Angel’s order coming up, I decide to keep Greg Holland in the game.  It pays off.  Holland gets a one-two-three and notches the win.  Royals win 5-4 in 12 innings.

This video game simulation played out with all the drama akin to last year’s ALDS, even mimicking a late-inning home run sealing a “W” for the Kansas City Royals.  Jason Vargas got injured, the offense squandered opportunities, two heads of HDH made unfortunate mistakes and yet, the Kansas City Royals found a way to win.

Tonight, let’s hope the Boys can do the same.  In just nine innings.

(Notes: MLB 15’s rosters are outdated at the moment.  Chris Young was nowhere to be found on the roster, yet Louis Coleman was.  Also, Josh Rutledge was used in place of an absent Johnny Giavotella) 

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