Kansas City Royals Players to Avoid in Fantasy Baseball

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Cain

Healthy for most of last season, Lorenzo Cain had a true breakout performance, producing a .301/.339/.412 batting line with 29 doubles and 28 stolen bases. He really came to national prominence with his postseason performance, hitting .333/.388/.417 during the Kansas City Royals run through October and earning MVP honors in the American League Championship Series.

Because of that performance, Cain may be overvalued heading into this season. While he would certainly help as a backup outfielder, especially if you have individual outfield positions with his eligibility in right and center, that is all he truly is for fantasy purposes. Cain can provide speed and batting average, but not much else.

Much like Salvador Perez previously, Lorenzo Cain will be a big part of any success that the Kansas City Royals have in the 2015 season. He brings Gold Glove caliber defense, seemingly able to cover any section of the outfield. Cain is truly death to flying things, given his ability to run down fly balls hit in the gap or down the line in right.

Cain may be a player that gets taken several rounds earlier than he should due to his postseason breakthrough. Do not expect him to be a starting caliber outfielder for fantasy purposes, but he could be a solid backup depending on how deep yur league is.

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