Kansas City Royals Have Fun on Photo Day

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Training is a time of many necessary evils. It is a time when veterans work on implementing a couple of changes, such as trying out a new pitch or maybe an adjustment in their batting stance. It is a time of repetitive drills, baserunning exercises and watching younger players try to learn what it takes to be professional ball players.

For veterans, Spring Training is typically a time to work on tans, their golf game or to just get back into routine. Rarely does one see the starters, or even the bench players, late into a Spring Training game, or even anywhere near the field by the end of the game. Who can blame them for not being overly interested in the exploits of some washed up former major leaguer desperately trying to work their way back facing someone who will be bagging groceries by that time next week?

Yet, that does not mean that Spring Training is devoid of fun for these veterans. Indeed, you can see them playing pranks on one another, goofing around and generally having a great time in the more relaxed atmosphere. Another place for fun is during Photo Day, where players can take some truly entertaining pictures. The Kansas City Royals were certainly on that list.

Here are a few of the entertaining pictures taken on Photo Day. Some of these are truly quite interesting.

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