Kansas City Royals Tickets Available at Blood Drive


Are you interested in free Kansas City Royals tickets for possibly saving a life? If so, then the Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City has two blood drives in the next day or two where, for donating, you can earn free tickets to a game in April.

In order to get these tickets, one would need to donate either tomorrow, at Kresie and Penzler, 6001 SW 6th Ave in Topeka KS between 10:00AM and 3:00PM, or on Friday at the Shawnee County Library, 1615 Southwest 8th Ave in Topeka KS between 9:00AM and 2:00PM.

While the tickets will not be given at that exact moment, they will be mailed out to any participating donors some time in March. In order to actually participate, you have to be at least 16 years old, weigh 115 pounds or more and be in good health.

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So, in exchange for approximately an hour of your time and a pint of blood, you can get to see the American League Champion Kansas City Royals take on one of their opponents in April. Perhaps you would get to see the A’s, and witness the return of Billy Butler to Kansas City. Perhaps you could get to see the improved White Sox or the Twins, and maybe even old friend Ervin Santana depending on how the rotation falls. Or, if not, there are the arch nemesis Tigers coming in at the end of the month. Each one of the potential games certainly has its interesting points.

What is better than saving a life? Saving a life and being able to get the chance to root on Salvador Perez, Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon. Being able to enjoy a nice, relaxing game of baseball for having spent just 60 minutes of your time, and hopefully getting to see a Kansas City Royals victory.

As great of a feeling the knowledge that the donation made can make a significant difference to a life of a another person or even a loved one, there is really no way to quantify that sensation. However, free Kansas City Royals tickets are certainly a nice perk.

For more information, or to look for other blood drives in your area if you cannot make these, go to http://www.savealifenow.org/

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