Billy Butler Wants to Return to the Royals Some Day


The ink is barely dry on the three year, $30 Million contract that Billy Butler signed with the Oakland A’s, but that does not really matter. Even before he has played a single game for the A’s, Butler is talking about making a return back to the Royals someday.

While very few people in baseball, excluding Billy Beane, that thought Butler would receive that type of contract, that does not mean that he left the Royals with any bad blood between the teams. In fact, as Butler mentioned, he left on good terms and feels tied to the organization. That return may not even come as a player, as Butler would be willing to return as a coach or in another capacity.

"“The memories there are for a lifetime. I think, down the road, I’ll be back either as a coach or still playing, doing something — scouting or whatever it is — to help the organization that took a chance on me and drafted me,” Butler said."

It would certainly be interesting to see the Return of Billy Butler. Even if the fanbase appeared to turn on him over his final year, Butler still has fond memories of his time with the Royals and Kansas City. It makes sense, as that place that gives someone their first chance to achieve their dreams will always have a place in a person’s heart – why should Billy Butler and the Royals be any different?

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Perhaps that pressure of playing without the guarantee of a contract for next year was why Butler struggled in 2014. His .271/.323/.379 batting line with nine home runs was worth an OPS+ of 95, his worst since he posted an OPS+ of 93 in 2008. Yet, that .275/.324/.400 batting line was better than his 2014 production. Maybe the pressure of trying to produce in a contract year just got to Butler.

Even though he will return to Kansas City during the month of April, it will be with the A’s. Hopefully, Billy Butler returns to a crowd that remembers the good times he had, and is cheered in his first at bat. After that first outpouring of love and support – then he can become the enemy.

Billy Butler wants to return to the Kansas City Royals someday. It is just unfortunate that his final appearance did not result in a World Series victory.

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