Determining the New Face of the Royals

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

SungWoo Lee

Until recently, SungWoo Lee was a bit of a curiosity. Hailing from South Korea, he was a Royals fan despite having never been to Kansas City, America, and not having any real connection with the team. Yet, there he was on Twitter, watching the Royals games during the early morning. When he announced that he was finally, after twenty years of following the Royals, coming over to see them play in person, it was amazing to behold his excitement. And then, when he came to the States, it was pandemonium.

Pros: At this point, SungWoo should be the Royals official good luck charm. When he was in the states, they lost one game, carving into the Detroit Tigers lead without issue. Then, they overtook the Tigers, claiming first place as the Legend of SungWoo continued to grow. Even though he is back in Korea with a lifetime of memories and amazing experiences, the Royals have not stopped winning.

Cons: Well, SungWoo Lee is not a baseball player or a member of the Royals……ah, hell. He’s the Royals Good Luck charm. There are no cons to speak of.

If enthusiasm and the sheer joy of being a fan count, the SungWoo Lee would be the Face of the Royals by a landslide. As it is, he has been referenced by ESPN and his tale had been picked up by the national media. He may be just as recognizable, if not more so, than anyone on the Royals.