The Five Best Trades in Royals History

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With 411 trades over just about 45 years, some moves will be better than others. That is just the nature of the business. Even a trade that seems to be favorable for a team at the time can prove to be disastrous years later. Such is the benefit of hindsight.

While it is inevitable that some trades work out better than others, there are also a number of moves that are fairly even. In those trades, both teams receive pieces that they can use. Those trades are the ideal, where both sides improve, be it in the future or in the present.

Last week, we looked back at the five worst trades in Royals history. While those trades were painful to go back and remember, these deals from today will be a lot more pleasant to look back upon. For today, we look back at the five best trades in Kansas City Royals history, those trades that helped shape the Royals into a contending franchise.

Hopefully, with the trade deadline fast approaching, the Royals will be able to make another move that, someday, could end up on an updated version of this list.