The Five Worst Trades in Kansas City Royals History

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In theory, the idea of trading in Major league baseball involves the desire to improve both teams. That improvement can be for that season, or in the case of prospects, for the future. Even a salary dump can be an improvement, especially if that money is reinvested in players that can help out next season or later. After all, look at what the Boston Red Sox did after their salary dump with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, it is inevitable that some trades work out better for one side than the other. Sometimes prospects do not pan out, or a player just blossoms on another team. Changes of environment can make a huge difference. That can make a trade that seemed to make sense at the time appear rather lopsided, for one side or another.

Throughout their history, the Kansas City Royals have made 409 trades. Some have been excellent for the Royals; others have just been even. Then there are those trades that make one wonder why, exactly, the Royals made that move in the first place. This is that type of list.

With the trade deadline approaching, it is time to look back at some of the moves that the Royals have made throughout their history. Today, we look back at the first worst deals that the Royals have made.